Two, Too Soon – Expecting Another with a Toddler in Tow

Guest Post By Mehr Nomani

The two lines on the pregnancy test strip came to me as a complete shock. Our son had only turned one and there I was pregnant again. A million thoughts came flooding as I stood there, staring at the strip, wondering what we did ‘wrong’. I was angry, excited, worried and happy all at the same time. Although I was sure the strip was right, we still went for a beta hcg test which confirmed that I was indeed pregnant. I spent the day worrying about how this pregnancy would affect my toddler and questioning myself on so many things.

~The guilt

Yes, the guilt! It totally consumed me. I felt I was a bad parent to my first child for getting pregnant so early instead of waiting another 2 more years. However, there really wasn’t much I could do about what had happened. I needed to put away the guilt, the blame games and the fears.Baby number two was coming and I had to embrace it, happily.

~I worried about my toddler being neglected

While pregnancy can be exhausting, physically and mentally, it does not mean you should let it hinder your daily activities. Yes that means you should go about spending time with your toddler as you used to. You can still carry him around, although you should avoid holding him for a prolonged period of time. Ask for help if you feel the need. Start engaging yourself in fun activities with your little one. Spend more and more time together. Laugh, tickle, take pictures, make the most of this time!

~Would this be a high risk pregnancy?

No, just because you got pregnant before the ‘normal’ 3 year gap doesn’t necessarily mean there will be complications. Visit your gynecologist regularly and don’t hesitate to ask any questions that might be troubling you.

~ Can I breastfeed my toddler during pregnancy?

Yes, absolutely. Breastfeeding your toddler would not affect you, your toddler or your developing baby. You will continue to produce healthy milk for your toddler.However, milk supply does decrease during the later months. To cope with that, gradually introduce your little one to top feed if he has only been breastfed before or increase top feed if he is already on top feed. This will make up for the reduced milk supply. Also, make sure to take a proper healthy diet and supplements.

~I will regain the pounds I worked so hard to shed

For some of us losing baby fat is no big deal but for others it means months of strenuous exercise and a controlled diet. The key to a healthy pregnancy however is to stay active. Consult your doctor about which exercises might be safe for you during pregnancy. Yes you will gain weight again but once the baby is delivered, you will be able to lose it too.

Happy parenting and a healthy pregnancy! *hugs*


About the Author:

Mehr is a mother to a crazy, adorable toddler and a wife to an awesome man. She hopes to start a Masters degree some day but until then she’s enjoying being a stay at home mom!