Brain Development

Play Time With My Baby – What I Did In The First Four Months

by Sana Salman


2015 is the year in which Allah Almighty blessed me with a baby boy. I wish I could go back and have that stint once more and see my little champ when he born and came into my hand. Wow, I still reminisce that sensation, which which was a blend of happiness and gratefulness for Allah Almighty that I had become a mother of a beautiful child.

When we brought him to our home, our apartment turned into a paradise because of his presence. When I saw him, I knew I had to make all the struggles I could to make him an incredible human being that’s why I said good-bye to my career and chose a 24-hour job of being “Mommy.” From that point, my interaction with my infant started.



He recognized nothing about the world and the surrounding, he napped most of the time and cried if starved. I was so anxious to see him chatting and playing with me, but I identified its too early. The only action he understood was the touch which I shared with him by holding him near to me most of the time.

The baby’s development starts when he born and reaches to the implausible highest till the age of three years. The more the mother provides care to their infant at that time; the more the baby becomes emotional and socially healthy. The baby’s development in the area of language and learning starts happening as soon as the birth. Therefore, I undertook these diverse activities with him:

Talk To Him

So, the first thing which I did with my infant was to start talking to him and smile at him. He didn’t understand anything, but he enjoyed listening to me.

Read Books

Another activity which I did to enhance his cognitive abilities was to show him stories books, with bright colors and the big picture. He just loved to look at the bright color pictures and listening to my voice.

Hang a Musical Toy above his cradle

I placed a musical crib toy having different patterns and colors over his cradle. He rotates his eyes to see the colors and the patterns. When the music played, he started to produce adorable sounds of “Agooo Agoooo.”

Learn to play with toys which produce sounds

As he grew into the third month, I showed him different toys which produce sounds. I hit the toy in front of him, and the sound would make him happy. This activity helped him to learn that when we hit the toy, a pleasant sound is heard.

Sing a Song for him

And the most interesting thing which I did for my son is sing to him. He started moving his hands when I sing. Now, my son is 22 months old, but we still love to sing and dance together, and this is his favorite play-time activity with me.

These activities benefited him a lot in his initial development stages from 0-4 months. He learnt to recognize his mother and father, demonstrate a response to different sounds and recognize the language which we used to communicate with him.


“Having kids—the responsibility of rearing good, kind, ethical, responsible human beings—is the biggest job anyone can embark on.” – Maria Shriver



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